Critical Geographical Queer Semiotics

Martin Zebracki, Tommaso M. Milani


Introduction to themed section.


This Themed Section assembles sexuality/queer, geographical and socio-linguistic scholarship to pursue – what we, a collaborating geographer and semiotician, frame as –  critical geographical queer semiotics. We regard this as an on-going episteme-techne research frontier at the crossroads of language-focused geographical inquiry (see, e.g., Brown, 2002; Leap and Boellstorff, 2004; Valentine et al., 2008; Browne and Nash, 2010; Murray, 2016) and the unfolding sociolinguistic subdiscipline of linguistic landscaping (see, e.g., Shohamy and Gorter, 2009; Blommaert, 2013; Stroud and Jegels, 2014; Blackwood et al., 2016). 

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