ACME: An International E-Journal for Critical Geographies

Volume 6, issue 3, 2007

Special Thematic Issue: Participatory Ethics

Guest Edited by Caitlin Cahill, Farhana Sultana & Rachel Pain

Participatory Ethics: Politics, Practices, Institutions, p. 304

Caitlin Cahill, Farhana Sultana and Rachel Pain

Bureacratizing Ethics: Institutional Review Boards and Participatory Research, p. 319

Deborah Martin

Negotiating Participatory Ethics in the Midst of Institutional Ethics, p. 329

Sarah Elwood

Silenced for Their Own Protection: How the IRB Marginalizes those it Feigns to Protect, p. 339

Matt Bradley

Codes, Committees and Other Such Conundrums!  p. 350

Kye Askins 

Repositioning Ethical Commitments: Participatory Action Research as a Relational Praxis of Social Change, p. 360

Caitlin Cahill 

Reflexivity, Positionality and Participatory Ethics: Negotiating Fieldwork Dilemmas in International Research, p. 374

Farhana Sultana 

Positionalities and Knowledge: Negotiating Ethics in Practice, p. 386

Peter Hopkins

Ethics, Hegemonic Whiteness, and the Contested Imagination of  ‘Aboriginal Community’ in Social Science Research in Canada, p. 395

Lawrence D. Berg, Mike Evans, Duncan Fuller and The Okanagan Urban Aboriginal Health Research Collective 

Formality and Friendship: Research Ethics Review and Participatory Action Research, p. 411

Megan K. Blake 

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 ACME is published with the support of the

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Contents, Volume 6, Issue 3, 2007