Bisexual Spaces: Exploring Geographies of Bisexualities

  • Emiel Maliepaard Netherlands National Network for Bisexuality (Landelijk Netwerk Biseksualiteit)


Since the 1990s, geographies of sexualities have evolved into a body of work which is able to provide an overview of everyday life experiences of sexual minorities, especially of gay men and lesbians.  A review of the literature, however, observes that bisexuality is often neglected. I argue that this is the result of an approach to sexualised space that immediately links the sexual coding of space with the dominant sexual identity. This paper aims to theorise bisexual spaces as a result of bisexual practices, which are derived from the Klein Sexual Orientation Grid. I will also stress the importance of linguistic practices in practicing (or doing) bisexuality. This paper concludes with a call to investigate bisexual geographies in the mundane, everyday realities of bisexual citizens.

Author Biography

Emiel Maliepaard, Netherlands National Network for Bisexuality (Landelijk Netwerk Biseksualiteit)


Voluntary/activist researcher
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Maliepaard, Emiel. 2015. “Bisexual Spaces: Exploring Geographies of Bisexualities”. ACME: An International Journal for Critical Geographies 14 (1), 217-34.