Silenced for Their Own Protection: How the IRB Marginalizes those it Feigns to Protect

  • Matt Bradley Honor College, University of Utah, Utah USA
Keywords: IRB, vulnerable population, marginalized population, representation, documentary, marginalization


This paper provides a critique of the way IRBs can maintain the marginalization of ‘vulnerable’ populations through an insistence on anonymity that can run counter to a group’s desire to choose how to represent themselves. I explore the relationship between anonymity and risks and benefits in a discussion of my own experience negotiating with an IRB over a proposed participatory action research project that involved youth in the production of a documentary video.
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Bradley, Matt. 1. “Silenced for Their Own Protection: How the IRB Marginalizes Those It Feigns to Protect”. ACME: An International Journal for Critical Geographies 6 (3), 339-49.
Special Issue - Participatory Ethics (Guest Edited by Caitlin Cahill, Farhana Sultana, and Rachel Pain)